Latina Porn

Latina Porn

Jessica and Lilly had been together for about six months. They had met at work in a bank. Jess had been Lily's supervisor. Lily had loved working under her and had allowed the relationship to carry on after hours. Lily was raven-haired and lovely. She had large silky tits with small responsive nipples. Jess was blonde and tough.
She liked leather when she was not at work and needed to always be in control. She ordered Lily around and Lily loved it. One of their favorite games was what they called, "Beer Frau". Lily would dress in a French Maids uniform that accentuated her shapely legs and firm jutting tits. She would wear her hair up. She would take Jessie's order coyly and turn around, raising her arms to reach the bottle and show off the outline of her beautiful ass.

Jess would wear her favorite leather boots, corset and cap. Her tits were pushed roughly together as she bossed Lily around. As Lily turned away, she lifted the French maid's skirt with the tip of a whip. Lily knew that the whip would be used to redden her firm ass cheeks if she did not play the game properly. When Lily returned with the beer bottle and glass on a tray, she posed seductively as Jess gave her first order of the evening. "This glass is not clean enough for me. " I want you to clean it with your tongue. Lily picked up the glass and licked it's edges. Her wet tongue sliding flirtatiously over the rim made Jess extremely wet. "Put the tray down and lick my boots!" Lily put the tray down and cleaned her mistresses boots with her tongue.

She knew that Jess was looking down the bodice of her costume hungrily and that excited her. She wished that she would be ordered to lick her cunt. Lily loved the taste of Jessie's cunt, especially when she was being forced to lick and suck her to orgasm. "Enough!, the service around her is terrible! Take out your tits and show then to me!" She pulled out each fleshy mountain. Her nipples were hard and her black hair was falling down from her pins. She was ordered to sit with the tray in hand like that, while Jess fingered her pussy. She sat there and watched while Jess slid two slippery fingers over her cunt, then stuffing them inside over and over. She awaited instruction. "Lift up your skirt and show me your shaved pussy!" Lily had a pussy like a flower. Its soft folds were fragrant petals . Jess wanted her to use the beer bottle as a stem. Jess ordered Lily to stuff the beer bottle into her pretty pussy.

The order came in heavy pants as Jess was rapidly bringing herself to orgasm. Lily lifted the skirt of her uniform and put the tip of the bottle to her pussy lips. She spread her lovely legs and caressed one of her breasts to make her pussy slick with juice. She was beautiful with her smooth round tits and red lipstick, a dainty choker around her neck and the frilly skirt hiked up around her waist. The neck of the bottle disappeared into her hole. She moaned loudly. " Deeper!", Jess ordered. Slowly, bit by bit her body opened to receive the bottle. Watching this was too much for Jess, who came against her leather corset. , over and over in time with the bottle as it slid in and out of Lily's cunt.

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Lily was fucking the bottle now pretty hard, losing herself to the sensation of its hardness filling her deeply . She was using its neck and twisting it around inside of her.
She was really loving it and was loud. The show was very nice. Jess went round to where Lily was masturbating and licked her little vibrating clit and helped her with the bottle until Lily came hard, her body expelling the beer bottle. Her whole body quaked as she fell in Jessie's arms. They sat like that and kissed, their two tongues twining like snakes, their passion staved but not satiated. They made out. , Jesssie's blonde hair falling from her cap, her breasts pushed up so harshly, encased in the leather against the naked flesh of Lily's tits They fell to the ground and Jess pulled the skirt of the French Maids uniform up around her waist and plunged her tongue into Lily's sweet juicy pussy over and over, licking her stiff little clitoris .

Soon they were in a 69 position, and the sounds of pussy slurping was drowned out only by the erotic moans of the women. When they came it was together. Lily's huge breasts heaving as she screamed, "OH. OH. OH. !!!!!!!!!!" Jess spasmed in tiny pants as they lie side by side spent and exhausted. "I am so thirsty, get me a beer", Jess ordered and slapped Lily's rump loudly. Lily served Jess a nice tall cold one and watched as she drank it down thirstily, awaiting further orders from her lover, the one who commanded her loins as well as her heart. THE END